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Cantonese - English Audiobooks 廣東話英語音響圖書

With vibrant illustrations, simple sentences and read along audio, the Conversational Cantonese – English audiobooks are a great way to develop early reading, listening and conversational Cantonese skills! Books are written and narrated in colloquial Cantonese with English translation and pronunciation written in Jyutping.

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About the Author

Kapo Szeto is an Early Childhood Educator and the Director of CUE Cantonese Immersion, an early Cantonese learning program for children ages three to six in Vancouver BC. The program focuses on learning Cantonese in a non-traditional way through play and fun interactive activities. 

Kapo created the Conversational Cantonese English Audio Series with the same goal of making learning Cantonese fun and engaging for both children and adults. The books are written and narrated in colloquial Cantonese and English translation with pronunciation written in Jyutping. With delightful illustrations, simple sentences and read along audio, children and parents can now enjoy learning Cantonese together. After all, learning should be fun for the whole family!

Kapo Szeto | Author & Director of CUE Cantonese Immersion


"I was very fortunate to find out about the CUE Cantonese Immersion program. When I received the Cantonese language books with audio, I was really impressed. The books are amazing. They have Cantonese jyut ping (romanization) to help you pronounce the Cantonese words out along with the audio, English translation and Chinese characters. The books are colorful and illustrations are so fun to look at. It makes you want to read more. These Cantonese materials are great for children and adults to learn. I look forward to reading more of these Cantonese learning materials! I highly recommend this to parents and teachers to incorporate these Cantonese language materials in their classes as well. It is a great resource to teach Cantonese!"
K. Mui
New York
"My child really enjoy the illustrations and audio. I like using the pictures to comment on e.g. “who’s in the forest? Where is the frog jumping” and then comment in Cantonese that the frog is jumping into the river. It helps extend her Cantonese vocabulary. I also find the QR code very user friendly. I find having Chinese and English narrated and written in parallel to be very helpful. My child is motivated to read the English text first by listening to the audio, and then try reading along to the Cantonese. I also find the vocabulary page at the end of the book very useful for learning and review key words."
Michelle W.
London Uk
"The books work very well with Chinese and English written and narrated in parallel. I notice there is a lot of repetition in the structure of the phrases which I think is useful for my child as he is learning Cantonese as a second language."
Michelle W.
London UK
"My kids are enjoying the books. They like the technology and figured out quickly how to use the QR code. They like pressing the button on the cell phone and turning the pages. I like the sound effects, beautiful pictures and simplicity. I am also learning along with my children! I would love to see more books from you!"
Lillian S.
Vancouver BC
"My daughter and I absolutely love reading these books. She insists on reading at least two or three of the books, if not all, every day. The books are very easy to read along and listen to. The narration of the books is coupled with delightful sound effects. Great use of words, rhythm, and length of sentences - appropriate for beginners and young children."
J. Yee
Vancouver BC
"We love these books! They've been a great way for my son and myself to learn together actually. I've searched so many places for books similar to this, so thank you very much for creating these! I find it especially helpful to have English translation in the audio. It allows my husband (who does not know Cantonese) to also read the book with our son. It helps a lot with translation and understanding of the Chinese words. I would love to hear about your next set of books!"
Kimmy V.
London UK
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