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Learn Cantonese through stories, songs, games, play and more!
輕鬆的主題,繽紛的活動,讓孩子在歡樂和活動中學習中文和認識中國文化 。

Welcome to CUE Cantonese Immersion

We are an early years Cantonese language learning program for children ages 3 to 9 years old located in Vancouver BC. Our goal is to give children an early start on learning about the Cantonese language and culture through fun and interactive activities that encourage conversation and active participation.  

Our teachers are licensed Early Childhood Educators and are native Cantonese speakers. We teach through storytelling, art, music, writing, games and more!

Our theme based curriculum focuses on teaching practical topics that children can relate to and apply to their daily lives. Students will learn about and celebrate traditional Chinese holidays such as the Chinese New Year, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival. The fun that we will have is endless!

CUE Cantonese Immersion 是一個兒童廣東話課程,以活動教學形式,助三至七歲的兒童學習廣東話。我們的課程着重活動教學和培養聽講,以輕鬆的唱遊、講故事,小手工及集體遊戲方式進行。透過生活化和生動的教學方式來引發小朋友往後對廣東話的持續興趣。

our mission

Our mission is to start a lifelong interest of learning about the Cantonese language and culture during children’s early years by providing an immersive environment that makes learning fun, engaging and meaningful.


What parents are saying about CUE programs

The structure of the class allows my daughter to stay engaged. It is the same structure weekly and there is an appropriate amount of time spent on singing, exercise, story time, and characters. Because there are so many activities, my daughter is not bored. CUE had a lot of great reviews when I was initially researching options. I'm glad I received a spot off the wait list as I am very happy with the service level and the quality if classes. Kapo and her team are excellent instructors. I would highly recommend the in-person classes, but with Covid-19, the zoom classes are a great alternative. The program is organized and administered very well.
CUE is not like traditional Chinese school, and more interactive with their learning activities. The focus is more on conversation and interaction rather than memorizing Chinese characters. We found that Kapo and her staff to be very engaging with the children. Our son really enjoys the singing and arts & crafts during the class, and looks forward to completing the worksheets at home. Kapo is really engaging with the students. She finds different ways to interact with each student to make them feel special and not be shy to participate during class.

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CUE Cantonese Immersion is a language learning program for children ages 3-9 years located in Vancouver BC. Discover our program today!